#Reverb14: Leap of faith

What decision did you make this year that was a leap of faith?  Did it work out?  Or no?

I started a new job…so far it has worked out. For me changing jobs is always something that is a littler nerve racking. I started as the Burleigh County 4-H youth development agent Sept 16. It has been a great adventure so far and I think I have finally found my “big girl job.”

But as with any change, there comes some bumps. One of the biggest being the travel. I have been traveling so much since I started. I am usually someone who loves to travel but being away from my boys get’s tough. I am told it slows down after your first year…so here is hoping it actually does 🙂

#Reverb14: The Plank

It has been said that you must learn to take care of yourself before you can be effective at taking care of others.  How did you take care of yourself in 2014?  How will you take care of yourself in 2015?

This has always been one of the most challenging things for me to do. Last year, Zach and I started having “our nights” where we would each have a night that we could go downstairs, I would scrapbook and he would code. The year got busy and we have kind of lost touch with that. But we have held strong with our date night. Every Wednesday Zach and I go and play board games at Parallax. It is our time and Amber watches the boys (and in exchange washes laundry). It is so wonderful to have this time with Zach.

In 2015 I would love to get back into having my time downstairs. I would also like to start being more active. It is a very clique to have a new years resolution of more excising. And honestly, I know going to the gym is just not going to happen. So I am challenging myself to be more active. For my birthday Zach got me a FitBit. I love being able to see the steps I have taken, and distance I have walked. I need to challenge myself to do better each day.

#Reverb14: Hero

Who was your hero this year? Tell us why. What makes a hero in your eyes?

My little brother Casey is my hero.

This May he graduated from WSU with a degree in civil engineering and then commissioned as a second lieutenant in the US Air Force. He is such a wonderful example for my boys. So proud of the young man he has become!


Casey has become such a wonderful young man. He is my hero because he worked hard to achieve his goals. He has always wanted to be a member of the Air Force. Long story short love this guy!

#Reverv14: Victory Laps

What was your biggest accomplishment this year?


This year we became a family of four. I will admit that I was in the camp of “how hard can it be? We have done it once.” Boy was I wrong. When you add a little baby into a house with a 2 year old and a cat, things get crazy. William was such a great big brother, this video was shortly after Owen came home and does a pretty good job showing the relationship of William and Owen.

In March I had to have my gallbladder removed and was in the hospital for four nights. Poor Zach was home with both of the boys but did such a great job taking care of all of us.

We had an interesting year and managed to survive!


#Reverb14: Money

Where did you spend your money this year?  Did you save it instead?  What, if anything, would you like to do with your finances this year?

As I was sitting at my desk with this prompt of my screen Zach came over, read it and said, “Hey! Where did our money go? That is a good question! … It went EVERYWHERE…it just left our bank account.”

Oh So True.

We did have some fun adventures this last year though.

We got to take the train to Spokane to see my little younger brother commission as a second lieutenant in the Unite States Air Force.

2014-05-16 07.13.46William had a blast on the train and Zach and I listened the same the episode of Chuggington no less than 50 times.

We also went out to Montana for Thanksgiving to see my family. We also got to see Casey one more time before he ships off for his training. So like any good family, we took a family picture…now that was funny:


Board games is another one of our family vises. We have lots of board games! But as we always say, it could be worse!

Next year Zach and I are planning on taking a 2 week trip to Germany to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. We are pretty excited about that!

#Reverb14: Letting go

For next year, I’m letting go of…

First off, is it bad that the first thing that popped into my head after receiving this prompt is… “LET IT GO, LET IT GO, you can’t hold me back anymore…” I swear, that song is EVERYWHERE!!

On a more serious note, next year I am letting go of…having a clean house. Or rather, stressing about having a clean house. This saying sure fits my life right now:

good-moms-have-sticky-floors-dirty-ovens-and-happyThis is not to say that I don’t enjoy having a clean house. But I would much rather sit down with William and finger paint (something he did today…quite hilarious and awesome at the same time) than scrub my kitchen floor. Let’s face it, if I spent all that time scrubbing the floor, I would lose my mind! It seems like with the two boys I am always chasing someone, kissing a boo boo or playing a game and I know it will only get worse better as Owen gets older.

So for next year I am going to really try hard to let go of the phrase, “Sorry my house is a mess.” And embrace the fact that my kids are happy and the crumbs on the floor add character!


#Reverb14: Do Over

Hindsight is the one thing we never benefit from in the present.  Is there one moment you wish that you could do-over?

In life, it always seems like there little things that we wish we could do over…maybe use a different spice when we are cooking or go to bed earlier so we aren’t feeling it the next morning. This question always gets me, last year I kind of dodged the answer too.

I think part of the reason I have problems with this question is because I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. This year we didn’t have any major issues, and truly everything worked out well. Because of this I don’t think I can pin-point one specific moment I wish I could go back and re-do. I do wish however that we could have seen my grandmas this year. We had made plans for my grandma Tammy to come and visit and it didn’t work. I am hoping next year we can make it happen so she can meet Owen and see how much William has grown.

On a more general note, I think there are many moments that I wish I could have a do-over with my attitude. Sometimes I know that I am a little too short with William and forget that he is only three (and for most of this year only TWO). Temper has always been something I struggle with and I often see myself getting to the point that it is not good. I have resorted a time or two to putting myself in time out (when you are 28 it is a solid 28 minutes of no one talking to you and not electronics…it is pretty awesome!)

I also wish I could do over the little things, take more pictures and write more memories down. Several people told me that when you have your second it gets crazy. While I believed them to a certain extent I don’t think I fully understood what they meant! I slacked on pictures this year and didn’t write as many of those little memories down (I really need to blog them!!). This next year it is going to change!!

So for now, I leave you with one of the pictures I did take this past  year.

Owen and I hanging out at the Almont Labor Day parade.
Owen and I hanging out at the Almont Labor Day parade.