Zachary Doll Family

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Cleaning the walls

Owen cleaning the walls for some reason.

This is Owen, cleaning the walls, by choice. Allow me to set the scene.

Owen: hey Mom can I wash the walls?
Me: what?
Owen: can I wash the walls?
Me: um…sure? Get a bucket of water and a wash cloth.

About 30 minutes later…
Owen: Wwwilliam, what are you doing? (In his best, I'm going to get you in trouble voice.)
Me: he is in his room playing. Why?
Owen: why do I have to clean and he gets to play!
Me: you asked to wash the walls dude. You can be done if you want.
Owen: no, that's ok, I want to do more.
Me: 🤔

I think #socialdistancing is starting to affect my children in weird ways. Not that I am complaining….my walls are clean.