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Amelia is many things, including: photographer 📷, board gamer🎲, wife👰, and mom👨‍👩‍👦‍👦. In her spare time she likes to drink tea, discuss politics, and craft.

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Distance learning

We are on week 5/6 of distance learning. Apparently that means we do our homework standing or sitting in a dump truck. Getting Owen to do homework is tough. Like really tough. Zach and I are both … Read more

Cleaning the walls

This is Owen, cleaning the walls, by choice. Allow me to set the scene. Owen: hey Mom can I wash the walls? Me: what? Owen: can I wash the walls? Me: um…sure? Get a bucket of water and a wash … Read more

Owen Sewing

Owen made his first sewing project day. He asked me to send it to his grandma, nana, and auntie. This is what he said " tell her he sewed it with his hands, mostly by himself” Read more

Working from home, day 1

Work from home and entertain/teach my kids, day 1, captains log. Today was a good. Day the boys handled it very well. Lessons of today included: Top left: Owen created airplanes with Lego. This one … Read more


On the third Thursday of every month Zach and I try and go to a Pinochle tournament at St. Gabe's. It is a good time and the people there are pretty great. Tonight I had a horrible night, but I ended … Read more