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Working from home, day 1

Collage of pictures of staying at home today.

Work from home and entertain/teach my kids, day 1, captains log.

Today was a good. Day the boys handled it very well. Lessons of today included:
Top left: Owen created airplanes with Lego. This one was modular. The top white part is a gun that shoots Lego.
Top right: Owen started a sewing project. Our needle threader broke….I spent a lot of time threading needles
Bottom left: William watched two episodes of #mowillems ‘s art lunch break and loved it he can't wait to see what they get to draw tomorrow. He is also really excited to show his teacher his portfolio.
Bottom right: William went on a virtual field trip to mars. This was the short sheet I had him fill out. I asked him if he would ever live there. He said “no, because there are aliens.”

One thing is for sure. This extrovert is over working from home.

After dinner we went on a family walk to get our PE in. Here is hoping tomorrow is as successful!