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Zachary is a guy that does some things. In his spare time he likes to watch movies, ride bike, and play all sorts of games. A typical engineer, he likes to argue and pretend he is creative.

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Prepping Hike

I just got home from a truly wonderful day of time spent together as a family. We have been participating in the ND State Parks 12 Months 12 Hikes Challenge. For this month's hike, we set our sites on … Read more

Online Games

Here is a collection (can you call one thing a collection?) of tools I have written to facilitate playing games remotely with others. Welcome To… This is a roll and write that Amelia loves. It … Read more

Dance Party

I made omelettes for supper tonight. I convinced the boys mushrooms and spinach isn't so bad when you eat it with a metric butt-ton of cheese. After dinner we had an impromptu dance party to Viral … Read more

Leap Day

Apparently days like today only come around once every four years. I woke up around 8:10. I had gone to bed really early last night because I wasn't feeling very good. I woke up feeling a quite a bit … Read more

My Grandma's Funeral

Yesterday I helped bury my grandmother. The funeral itself was pretty somber, but most of the grieving was finished the night before at the vigil. Right after the burial, the pallbearers stopped for a … Read more