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Time Is All Relative

Owen asked me, “Is grandma's on Nana's farther away?”

I just looked at him dumbfounded. Of course Nana's is farther away! It takes a whole day by car to get there.

Then I started to remember how I viewed trips as a young boy. For large trips I would be packing the night before; as far as I was concerned, that could have been forever ago. I got ready, grabbed whatever toy or book I could and jumped in the car. After some time, we would just show up when we were headed. I never had to worry about where we were going or how long the trip would take. I just sat and thought about things. Just like dreaming, you would lose track of time and just be with your thoughts.

That is, until your siblings ruined your train of thought. At this point I would inevitably ask if we were close yet. I am sure this would happen more often than my parents would have liked.