Zachary Doll Family

From A to Z and everywhere in between

Day 11: Missing the Family

I slept pretty good in the hotel. My flight left in the morning, but I was routed through Munich. Before leaving AMS, I had to use my food voucher, so I got a chocolate truffle and a bottle of water.

High spirits coming back to Munich.

I had a long-ish layover on the way to Nante, so I was able to explore the airport and have a nice prepared meal for lunch. During my late lunch, I was enjoying the MezzoMix when Amelia and the boys called. They were just getting ready for the day and I was happy to get a chance to talk to them. It was bittersweet because I still had one more leg of the trip so I started crying on the phone. I think I would have been happier to just fly home after Prague. After lunch, I shook off my crying spate by looking at the rather impressive selection of board games at the toy store. I ended up getting some roll and writes I have never seen before.

My flight to Nantes was uneventful and I eventually made it to my temporary residence, the Ty Canal d'Or. I found it on our travel site and it hit all the right boxes: good location, low price, and included breakfast. This was more of a bed and breakfast than a hotel. The gentleman was very nice and generous given I missed the first day of my stay. His English was about as good as my French, so we used Google as an interpreter.

In a way, it was a nice day, because I effectively got a day off in the middle of the work week. It was a little more laid back. I am tired of traveling and I don't feel like venturing out for food so I just ate a granola bar and am heading to bed.