Zachary Doll Family

From A to Z and everywhere in between

Day 13: Last Day of Work

Last night I went out to eat with Kevin G. It was nice to have a companion for dinner and I am positive I would have really struggled to order without him being there. He is a little younger than me, and he has a young son. It is nice to get to know people you are going to work with. It humanizes the entire process.

It is almost light out

This morning I woke up much later and again enjoyed my breakfast with the owner of the guest room. The fresh bread and juice was simple yet tasty.

I learned a lot about telehandlers today.

After work, I went out with David and a new guy. We had a few beers and some deer sausage. It was kind of awkward as we didn't have a whole lot to talk about, but they were both very gracious in making sure they talked almost exclusively in English. After the sausage, I wasn't really interested in finding dinner, so I went back to the hotel to pack. Tomorrow is another early day.

The owner gave me a discount on the first night's stay since I was not there. It was very kind of him to do so.

It is so dark out!