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My Grandma's Funeral

Yesterday I helped bury my grandmother. The funeral itself was pretty somber, but most of the grieving was finished the night before at the vigil. Right after the burial, the pallbearers stopped for a drink at the Muddy Creek Saloon. Word got around, so it ended up being an informal family holiday.

We were gussied up, so it was important to get a selfie.

The small town bar has changed quite a bit since my childhood; they now have two pool tables. The boys immediately asked to play. I went out to the car and dug out some change. After releasing the balls, I realized the boys needed some direction on how to actually wield a pool cue. It is so easy for me to forget they don't know everything they do because of how quickly they learn.

Showing Owen the finer points of shooting pool.

We headed out to the farm after a couple of drinks. Most of the family showed up for fellowship and food. I got a game of pinochle in and helped teach the next generation how to play.

Always nice to see the farm filled with the people of my life.

I am comforted when hearing laughter on the day of a funeral. It affirms that life goes on. We can remember the good times had with those that have passed.