Zachary Doll Family

From A to Z and everywhere in between

Day 11

We decided today would be a good day for a lighter day of exploring. We packed up and headed into Canyonlands National Park. I found a short hike for Mesa Arch. Before we started the hike, Owen was studying the map and wanted to stop at “Buck Canyon Overlook.” He asked SEVERAL times on the hike if we could stop there after this hike. It was a perfect little hike after our monster hike last night. It was .75 miles round trip. The view was breathtaking.

We got to the car and Owen was insistant that we stop at Buck Canyon Overlook, so we headed in that direction. We got to the parking area and it had a sign that said “200 ft to overlook” Owen lost it. He was NOT about to do more hiking. We had quite a difficult time explaining how short 200 ft was. He finally got out of the car but was NOT going to walk to the overlook. The three of us started up the path. It was a beautiful outlook. Owen finally came up and didn't want it to be known that it was a short walk and that it was pretty. We talked to some people who went to NDSU, one was from Mandan and one was from Fargo. Zach's hoodie always seems to start conversations with people. We also chatted with a teacher from Florida. We tried to take a picture at the overlook, but Owen was not having it.

We headed out of the park in search of food. We decided to check out the food truck court in Moab. We had a quick stop at Arches national park to stamp the boys’ passports and find a sticker for Zach. After our brief visitors center visit we headed into Moab. William had a burrito and the rest of us had Chinese. After lunch we headed back to the campsite and into the pool. The boys had met another kid, Nathan from Michigan, that was also at the pool. They had fun playing with him.

After the pool we all showered (Zach took a nap on the porch of the cabin before his shower). Zach had seen an Indian food place when we came into town so we went there for dinner. The food was pretty good. The boys wish we had gotten more Naan.

We headed to the laundromat to wash clothes for the rest of our trip. The boys were fascinated with the laundromat and were eager to help with the quarters, soap, and loading the machine. After we got it all loaded we decided to walk downtown Moab in search of ice cream. William thought the misters at one of the restaurants were pretty cool. We finally found some at the end of main at the Moab Dinner.

We ate our ice cream as we walked back to the laundromat to switch the clothes. After they were in the dryer, the boys enjoyed watching TV or a bit before the laundry was done. A family effort got the laundry all folded and packed up to head back to the cabin for the night.

The kids went to bed and Zach and I played a quick game fo cribbage before calling it a night.