Zachary Doll Family

From A to Z and everywhere in between

Day 14

We woke up pretty early this morning. I think everyone was pretty excited to go to Rush Mountain today. We killed some time around camp before heading into Keystone. We found a place for some tea and truffles and walked the boardwalk before heading to Rush Mountain.

We got there really early and there was hardly anyone there. After we got our passes (again running into more people who wanted to talk about NDSU with Zach because of his hoodie) we started the ride. We rode the zipline because there was no line and then headed to the coaster. It was pretty great. After the coaster we went on the wingwalkers high ropes course. There were few others up there with us and we had a lot of fun. I tried to do the rolling log one and actually fell and tested my harness.

After lunch we did the zip line, grabbed tickets for the cave tour, did another 7 D ride, did the cave tour, and the road more rides. We finally called it a day at 5:15 (they close at 6). Zach and I decided we didn't really want to cook so we headed into Rapid City to find some food. Casey had reccomended Sumo. After looking at the menu we decided it wasn't a good choice with Owen's allergy and left to find something different. We ended up at Mongolian Grill. It was pretty good, the boys thought it was cool, and they were great about Owen's allergy.

After dinner we had to get ice cream. Zach had seen Armodillos ice cream when we were looking for dinner so we headed that way. The ice cream was pretty tasty. Owen was happy he got to have an (upside down) bananna split. He didn't want to share a real one with anyone.

After ice cream we headed back to the camp site for the last fire and night of the trip. Zach had got stuffed marshmellows so we had s'mores. Zach didn't want to take any of the marshellows home so Owen grilled and ate the rest. Needless to say, he got enough sugar today.

Zach and I played cribbage before calling it a night.