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Bike ride conversations

After dinner Owen wanted to go on a bike ride. It was a fun 30 min ride just the two of us and he didn't stop talking the whole ride. Topics included:

🚲How bike brakes work

🚲 His new bike and raising the seat and why he needs it higher

🌊Why water flows down the street in a stream

❄️Why there was still a pile of snow in the parking lot

🛝 If there was anyway our new playground at the school could have a zip line

🟡 Why some cars are yellow

🔔 How bells work (and how his was broken)

🐇 What the Easter bunny should bring him this year

🎄what he wants for Christmas

🐀 How the groundhogs are already out

🌳 That his tree at the park is coming back this year (but don't worry, he was never actually concerned about it not coming back)